Congratulations, Dr. Taber!

Dr. Ben Taber successfully defended his dissertation last Friday. Next, Ben will go to the University of California-Irvine and begin a postdoc position in the group of Ara Apkarian, where he will combine scanning probe microscopy with ultrafast non-linear optical microscopy to interrogate, in real-time, individual molecules with atomic spatial resolution.

Ben Taber Presents at APS March Meeting

Yesterday, Ben Taber gave an oral presentation, “Impact of External Perturbations on Carbon Nanotube Electronic Structure,” at the APS March Meeting in Los Angeles, CA. This research, conducted with Jon Mills, Christian Gervasi, Madison Wright, and George Nazin, explores the impact environmental perturbations, such as a charged defect in an adjacent dielectric, have on the local density of states of semiconducting carbon nanotubes.

Research Published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

The Nazin Lab recently published a letter, “Creation and Annihilation of Charge Traps in Silicon Nanocrystals: Experimental Visualization and Spectroscopy,” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. These results, authored by Dmitry A. Kislitsyn, Jon M. Mills, Sheng-Kuei Chiu, Benjamen N. Taber, James D. Barnes, Christian F. Gervasi, Andrea Mitchell Goforth, and George V. Nazin, provide a direct visualization of the charge trap formation in individual SiNCs, the level of detail which until now had only been achieved in theoretical studies.

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