Research Published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

The Nazin Lab recently published a letter, “Creation and Annihilation of Charge Traps in Silicon Nanocrystals: Experimental Visualization and Spectroscopy,” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. These results, authored by Dmitry A. Kislitsyn, Jon M. Mills, Sheng-Kuei Chiu, Benjamen N. Taber, James D. Barnes, Christian F. Gervasi, Andrea Mitchell Goforth, and George V. Nazin, provide a direct visualization of the charge trap formation in individual SiNCs, the level of detail which until now had only been achieved in theoretical studies.

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Ben Taber Awarded UO Dissertation Research Fellowship for 2017-18

Ben Taber was awarded the prestigious UO Dissertation Research Fellowship for the 2017-18 academic year. This fellowship is designed to support outstanding doctoral students and promote excellence in research at the University of Oregon by providing financial support for exceptional doctoral candidates to complete their dissertations.

For a list of this year’s graduate school award recipients, click here.

William Crowley Successfully Defends Honors College Thesis, Earns Distinction

Nazin Lab undergraduate researcher William Crowley successfully defended his Honors College Thesis earlier today. His thesis, “Fabrication of Silver Scanning Tunneling Microscope Tips with Acetic Acid,” earned Distinction, an honor awarded to the top ten percent of graduates of University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College.

Bravo, William!

Ben Taber and Christian Gervasi Headed to ACS

Ben Taber and Christian Gervasi will be attending the upcoming ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. Ben will be giving an oral presentation, “Scanning tunneling microscopy of alkyl-substituted oligothiophenes on Au(111): Real-space visualization of molecular electronic structure,” from 8:10-8:50 am on Sunday, April 2, in the Sutro room of Parc 55. Christian Gervasi will be presenting a poster, “Impact of surface reconstruction on the electronic structure of PbS QD nanocrystals: Experiment and theory,” during the Inorganic Division poster session from 5:30-7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 4 in Hall D of the Moscone Center.

Check out them and their work!