The Values of My Custom Self

Throughout the years my personal customization and distinction has changed multiple times. For instance when I was young I dressed in shorts and t-shirts almost all the time. I was very active as a boy and I think that is the underlying reason for why I chose to wear those types of clothes. As a grew older I began to wear more jeans, cargo shorts, button up shirts, and jackets. I believe this is because as a grew older I was able to make the distinction between athletic clothing and clothing that I thought was more fashionable. Sometimes I like to dress fashionable because it is fun to look and dress nicer than wearing athletic attire all the time. I think this enjoyment may be due to the lack of diversity in my attire as a child but it may also be due to my personal values and beliefs.

As I look back on my values assessment I can notice that my top five values are family, friendship, integrity, wisdom, and personal development. I believe that my values influence how I dress just as my dress displays what I value. Although it may not be easily noticeable, I think values and how we publicize ourselves are directly related to each other. One example of how my values are expressed through my dress is how I continue to wear NIKE shoes and a fuel band. This shows my attention to personal development to continually live a more healthy healthy and active lifestyle. I wear a cross around my neck not because I am a religious person but there are a lot of people in my family who are religious and attend church on Sundays. I wear this cross around my neck to keep them in my mind each and every day. I wear bracelets on my wrist to remember my good friends who have passed away at such a young age. These examples show my love and great value I have for friends and family. Over the past four summers I have worked in the maintenance division at Carson Oil which required me to where a specific uniform. While wearing this uniform I held myself to a particular standard that would reflect the ideals and values of the company. I wear a variety of clothes but I also have been planning on getting a custom tattoo that reflects the wisdom and spirituality I have learned and will continue to learn throughout my life.

I make decisions every day of my life. Wearing clothes is a very minor decision one may think. In fact the way we dress ourselves each day says a lot about why we make the choices we make. A lot of the time I think we put certain clothes on subconsciously because of the mood we are in. I also think that our moods are determined through our experiences. Using logic I can make the connection that our mood and our values are connected through our experiences. The way we perceive appearance also says a lot about what some people choose what to wear each morning. Many people become fixated on how other people will judge them when they go out into the public. This vision can alter someones true attire creating their appearance to be full of false attire, and, in turn, portraying false values.

My parents raised me to honor respect, family, and education. They set the standard for me to follow. Their leadership through example was a major component to their style of teaching. As an extension to these values, they let me develop my own values and find my own path. In my opinion my parents were able to communicate the value of respect by wearing clothing that was to be acceptable for the appropriate occasion. When I went to family gatherings such as holidays or birthdays, I wore more formal attire. They taught me the value of family and friendship by wearing appropriate clothing that was fashionable or acceptable by the particular views of the friends or family.

There are a few core values that are consistent amongst fellow students. One of which is typically family. Whether the family is blood or not, I believe everyone values family greatly because they grew up with them and spent so much of their life with them that it is almost impossible not to value those years and experiences. I do understand that many people do not grow up in a loving family but there has to be some sort of “family” that aided their growth. I believe most people have a similar viewpoint on how we express our value of family through our attire. I believe that the value of friendship is similarly expressed through our clothes. The third I think is education. We are all students regardless of the differences in age, ethnicity, religious background, gender, etc. We express this value through the backpacks, book bags, pencils, computers, etc. This extends beyond school because anytime I see someone with these types of accessories, I associate them with education and personal development.


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  1. Enjoyed reading your essay. I feel connected to your beginning paragraph. I think the changes of choosing clothing reflect how we value ourselves, especially for guys. Most girls wear fashionable clothing when they are young. Guys don’t really care about this stuff until they get older and mature. When guys value themselves as adults, you can tell the differences from what they wear.

  2. It is interesting that the woman wearing professional dress makes them look like they are going to work. I think professional dress is an important way to show an attitude of endeavor or to show what one is connected to. I think it is true that we will be more interested to people similar to us. This is similar to a psychological study that shows people subconsciously like experimenter more if he imitates their action. For clothing, there could be certain attraction about similarity as well.

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