Musicking: Improvisation, Ornamentation & Variation

University of Oregon Oratorio Orchestra, Winter 2017

Musicking’s mission is to stimulate student and community interest in early music and historical performance practice studies by offering five days of academic scholarship, educational performance classes, and a variety of performances that are free and open to all students and community members. This conference is inspired, organized, and facilitated by University of Oregon historical performance practice students, who are enthusiastic about sharing their passion with other students and community members outside of their intimate early music cohort, providing them with more opportunities to engage in historical performance practice and early music studies. We are delighted to move forward toward our second Musicking conference, and look forward to exploring new ideas, challenging accepted conventions, and enjoying the improvisation, ornamentation & variation in early music.

– Holly Roberts

Although Variation has too often been considered exclusively as a part of composition, Ornamentation has been re-introduced in performance with the “early music revival” from the 1960s on. Only in recent years has true Improvisation been brought back into the equation of Culturally Informed Performance. These three are linked organically, and need to be located on a continuum with pure improvisation at one end and fully composed pieces with detailed performance suggestions at the other. A fruitful exploration of this continuum can only happen through full collaboration and exchange between music scholars and performers. Improvisation, Ornamentation, and Variation are Musicking activities that are relevant throughout history, and across all genres, genders, borders, and cultures.

– Marc Vanscheeuwijck


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