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    February 2020

    February 12th, 2020

    I apologize for the long delay in updating this blog.  Our research mouse research has moved forward with an effort to study skill learning.  We have published a paper in which we teach a simple association skill to mice and block activity in either the anterior cingulate (attention) or the hippocampus (memory). I have attached the paper below

    Mouse learning #1 Aug 22 2019


    I have also written a general summary of our current mouse studies in a paper presented in a Festschrift for Dr.Robert Rafal.  This paper gives a good current summary of our efforts to achieve a method of improving white matter in any location of the human brain in the context of the work we carried out with Dr.Rafal during his training. The paper is attached below and is published in the journal Cortex

    Rafal Festschrift Cortex in press

    Our goal is to use the combined mouse and human studies to develop techniques to restore white matter in the human brain. We are currently testing if we can improve intrinsic theta in various brain region and thus activate dormant oligodendrocytes and the improve white matter in human brains and we did in the mouse brain.  While we await the out come of these studies I attach some relevant clinical paper we have written to better understand the role of attention in mental disorders.


    Yale Attn & MENTAL HEALTH


    We were asked to comment on a recent article in the American J of Psychiatry showing some of the brain areas in adolescent fear. In the commentary below we provide a perspective of the control of fear over the life span.

    Fear control of AJP ed comment

    We have conducted studies to determine the best method for non invasive improvement in intrinsic theta. In our first study we compare electrical stimulation, auditory stimulation and biofeedback as a way of increasing theta in the ACC.  We are preparing a paper showing that stimulation with electrical theta rhythms from the scalp while also carrying on a task that activates the ACC is the best way we found to increase theta.  We are also conducting a study in which we seek to improve intrinsic theta rhythms for 20 days to determine if we increase connectivity while altering white matter.  This study is currently underway. We hope to report further results on these efforts in the next few months.



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