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    Feb 2018

    February 13th, 2018

    We have written several new papers and chapters related to applications of attention to individual differences, pathology and education.  I have added a brief introduction and pasted each,             one below.

    1.  Mary Rothbart and I wrote an opinion piece currently in press in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B entitled Temperament and Brain Mechanisms of Attention. In this piece we try to connect work on the networks of attention to the study of early development of temperament.  The proof of the current draft is below                                                                  Proof of article Jan4-19vc5v2
    2. We were asked to write a chapter on Human Brain Development for a new volume titled  Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan edited by Sanders and Marowski in Australia, We attempted to select studies of brain development that were most important for parents and those who carry out research on parenting. We summarized work on language,  and self regulation that we thought  best represented this combination.   The current draft of our chapter is below                                                                                             parenting final sub-12b77io
       3.  Mary Rothbart was asked to revise a previous chapter in the Cambridge Handbook of    Personality Psychology edited by Corr and Matthews to include more of the work on brain networks in relation to temperament and personality. Mary asked me to help along with Brad Sheese and working together we wrote a rather extensive revision. The chapter is still in the editing stage but we include our current draft. It was actually written before we were asked to contribute the opinion piece on attention and temperament pasted above, so there is some overlap between the two.                                                                                                                                                                       Hndbk  of personality  final to submit-2gumn4b
    4, 5. Mary Rothbart and I have been working with Prof.Habibollah Ghassemzadeh of Tehran Medical College on relating attention networks to  psychopathology.  One article on the diagnosis and treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was recently  published in the International Journal of Psychiatry.  We have pasted the pdf of the article below.
    OCD review article final-1q7saws
       We have now developed an approach to anxiety disorders in general,   based on the most recent studies of attention networks.  We have submitted the article for publication and the current draft is attached.
    New Habib final to sub-2g9klst
     6.  I have joined with Prof. Aron Barbey to edit a special issue of Trends in Neuroscience and Education on Intelligence. I have drafted a brief piece on the topic which may be integrated with Dr. Barbey’s approach as an introduction to the  volume.  My contribution in pdf form is available below
    IQ ms jan 2-1228mw6
      I will provide updates on articles we are currently working on and these papers in final form over the coming months.

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