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    Jan 2018

    January 27th, 2018

    The year of 2017 has been an active one.  I have listed below new publications during 2017 from my vita.  These papers and chapters in pdf form are available by writing to me at mposner@uoegon.edu

    Gahassemzadeh, H., Rothbart,M.K. & Posner, M.I. (2017) Mechanisms of response prevention and the use of   exposure therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder   International Journal of Psychiatry 1/2

    Posner, M.I.(ed) (2017) Psychology of Attention 4 volumes of classic papers in attention  London: Routledge pp 1-2266

    Posner, M.I. (2017) Introduction to 2.5 millinea research on attention In M.I. Posner   (ed) Psychology of Attention London:Routledge pp

    Posner, M.I. (2017) Integrating technologies in the study of attentional networks In Robert L. Kane and Thomas D. Parsons (eds)The Role of Technology in Clinical Neuropsychology Oxford:Oxlford University Press

    Posner, M.I., 2017. Attentional Mechanisms. In: John Stein, J.S. (Ed.), Reference Module  in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology. Elsevier, pp. 1–6.

    Posner , M.I. (2017) Cognitive Neuroscience In SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational  Research, Measurement, and Evaluation New York: Sage Publishing

    Posner M.I. & Rothbart, M.K. (2017) Integrating Brain, Cognition and Culture Journal  of Cultural Cognitive Science 1. 3-15 DOI: 10.1007/s41809-017-0001

    Voelker, P., Sheese, B.E., Rothbart, M.K. & Posner,M.I. (2017) Methylation  polymorphism influences practice effect in children during attention tasks Cognitive Neuroscience . 8 /2   72-84

    Voelker, P., Piscopo, D., Weible, A., Lynch G., Rothbart, M.K., Posner,M.I. & Niell, C.M. (2017) How changes in white matter might underlie improvement in reaction time with practice Cognitive Neuroscience 8 /2, 112-118

    Voelker, P., Piscopo, D., Weible, A., Lynch G., Rothbart, M.K., Posner,M.I. & Niell       C.M. (2017) White matter and reaction time: a reply to commentaries Cognitive   Neuroscience  8/2   137-140

    Weible, A.P., Piscopo, D.M., Rothbart, M.K., Posner, M.I.,& Niell, C.M. (2017)      Rhythmic Brain Stimulation Reduces Anxiety-Relate Behavior in a Mouse Model   Based on Meditation Training Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences 114/no10 2532-2537

    I have been waiting to make this post until I had a version of our second mouse paper which we plan to submit soon.  This paper provides the relevant physical changes related to our mouse model of low frequency stimulation. The figures are too big to post in  this site but they can be download from

    piscopo et al 2018draft for review.-1-1kdrc7l

    The figures are too big to post but they can be downloaded from


    I will post a pdf of  the full ms when it gets published




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