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    Feb. 9, 2017

    February 9th, 2017

    I have published with Routledge a four volume edited set of classic paper in Attention.  I have established above a permalink (above in blue)  which will allow you download and  read or print my introduction, a time line of papers and a table of contents.  The book themselves can be ordered from the Routledge website but at a cost of  about $1260.  If you follow the table of contents you can probably download most of the full citations from your library much more cheaply.  I hope you enjoy the introduction and whichever papers you  read.


    Mike Posner

    Posner, M.I. (2017) Attention: a two and a half millenia guide to its sources. In M.I. Posner (ed)   The psychology of attention.  Vol. I-IV  Routledge:London:





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