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    May 20 2016

    May 20th, 2016


    Child methylation final

    adult methylation final published

    White matter & RT final

    The three papers we have upload previously are now included in their final published form. Please ignore previous versions. An updated vita is included to provide full citation.

    The title White matter and RT is a discussion paper and we expect to have a number of commentaries from others working in this field.

    We are currently analyzing results from over 80 mice run over a month under our theta stimulation protocol.  We  believe that low frequency laser light (1 and 8 Hz) that  increases  activation of  output cells from the anterior cingulate produce a change in behavior in the mice. These mice spend more time in the light and less in the dark following the stimulation than do various control mice.  This suggests that low frequency stimulation reduces anxiety. It fits with our hypothesis in the meditation training in humans does reduce reported fear and produces less cortisol secretion to a cognitive challenge.  The data do not suggest that the effect is limited to theta since it was found with 1 Hz stimulation, but not with 40Hz or with a rhythm which involves inhibition of output activity.

    We also find an increase in active oligodendrocytes following 1 and 8 Hz stimulation.  In our data the results were stronger with 1 than with 8 Hz.  However, there was a decrease with 40Hz.  We hope to have a full analysis of these data with a few weeks.

    We are working on an analysis of the changes in axon density and in myelination from electron micrographs of axons in the ACC and control areas.  This analysis may not be finished until fall.

    We are also analyzing gene expression in the ACC of experimental (8Hz) and control (no illumination) mice.  The data are quite extensive and analysis will go on in the coming months and then we can post our results.


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