Liberty (Salem)

Liberty Theater

Re-branded in 1917 – 1928 (?)

There is no formal article regarding when the Liberty Theater closed, or if it was re-branded again, therefore the end date is unclear. Although articles about the theater are not frequent after 1928.

There are no photos available. The number of seats are unknown. No sanborn map available.

The Liberty Theatre was known as Ye Liberty Theatre, but was renamed Liberty Theatre in 1917. Because of this, a lot of the information regarding Ye Liberty Theatre can be transferred over to this theatre. This includes the location and available seats.

In 1922 the Liberty Theatre is sold by Frank Bligh to George Guthrie. 

A. E. Laflar manages the theater from 1922 til the end. 

Daily Capitol Journal, August 23, 1924: 3


Here is an advertisement for Liberty Theater. As shown, the theater is cross promoting with the Grand Theater. Like many other theaters, Liberty Theater had dual advertisements with other theaters or other companies.

Additionally, this advertisement was very large, and took up the majority of the page within the newspaper.

In terms of programs shown at this theater, the only advertisements found have been for movies, live plays, and music.


Daily Capitol Theater, February 9, 19







The Liberty Theater had some exciting programs shown at the theater. As shown by the article, one of the programs had real convicts escaping, which was an exciting aspect of a film in the time period.


















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