Antlers (Roseburg)

Antlers Theatre


The Antlers Theatre, 127 S. Jackson St., Roseburg, Oregon, 1920. Digital Sanborn Maps.

The Antlers Theatre is at the corner of Jackson and Lane street next to the Elks Lodge in Roseburg Oregon. They served food items such as popcorn and hold events such as matinees, moving pictures and magicians. Ticket prices ranged from ten cents to one dollar. To attract more attention, the owners painted the name on the side of the building so passing cars would see it and stop.

The owner of the theater was Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Gross. This couple managed all the theaters in Roseburg during this time. On August 7th, 1914, C.E. Oliphant purchased the theatre. The theatre reopened on August 23rd, and renovations were made before Oliphant reopened the business. In an article, he expressed his dedication to the town and his new theatre. He said, “I shall improve the picture projecting end by immediately installing additional machinery of the latest design, a new screen will be added and set well back in the stage” (1). This shows the ongoing improvements made to the theatre to keep up with the latest technology, which implies that enough patrons were coming to the theatre in order for the owners to pay for upgrades.

On October 15th, 1930, the theatre was reopened with its name changed to the Indian Theatre and proceeded to continue success for several more years (2). In 1969, the building burnt down because of a popcorn oil fire.

Number of seats: 750

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