Pastime (Pendleton)

Pastime Theatre

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Address (with link to Google Map)

348 S. Main St., Pendleton, Oregon

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1910 Sanborn Map

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Owners/managers (names only, not dates unless significant)

Cass MatlockProp.

Programming notes

Promotional strategies notes

On their advertisements in the East Oregonian from 1909, they include that they are located “Next door to French Restaurant.” On the same page for many weeks there is an advertisement for a Famous Clairvoyant and Palmist and this business mentions that they are “Over Pastime Theatre.” It is interesting seeing these businesses mention their proximity to other businesses, suggesting that the business owners were friendly rather than competitive with one another. Pastime’s advertisements also include phrases like “A Comfortable Theatre” as well as “Entertaining and Instructive,” trying to appeal to families who would prefer clean, wholesome entertainment. This is not discounting their more progressive shows or informative discussions. They even mention in the ad below of a “suction fan 20 inches in diameter completely changes the airy every 10 minutes” in addition to a a curtain “of a secret manufacture, and the only one in Pendleton.”

Sample news clips, advertisements


“The Pastime Theatre ‘The Home of Good Pictures'” East Oregonian. 11 Sep. 1913, pp. 9.

“The Pastime Theatre” East Oregonian. 11 Sep. 1913, pp. 9.