Nat (Medford)




Sanborn Fire Insurance map, 1911

Number of seats: 300 (It should be noted that I could not read the number of seats in the image I found because it was so blurry. The number could be 300, 500 or 800).

Owners/managers: J. D. Heard, William S. Aiken

Heard and Aiken also owned the Natatorium.

Programming notes: The Nat boasted a family friendly program and of moving pictures and vaudeville performances. Admission was 10 cents.

The “Nat” theater was an attraction in the local Natatorium which included a swimming pool, billiard hall, and bowling alley. The theater burned down sometime in 1912 but was rebuilt in 1913, most likely under the same name.

Medford Mail Tribune, July 7, 1911
Medford Mail Tribune, February 16, 1911
This advertisement not only includes the titles of the films shown, but also the genres.

Sample news clips, advertisements:

Medford Mail Tribune, October 19, 1910
Medford Mail Tribune, December 11, 1910
Medford Mail Tribune, December 4, 1910


Medford mail tribune., October 19, 1910, Page 4, Image 4

Medford mail tribune., December 11, 1910, SECTION THREE, Page 4, Image 8

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1911

Medford Sun, October 12, 1912, page 1

January 29, 1912 Oregonian

Medford mail tribune., December 04, 1910, SECTION TWO, Page 2, Image 10

Medford mail tribune., July 07, 1911, Page 3

Medford mail tribune., February 16, 1911, Page 2