Isis Theater (Medford)

Isis Theater


Medford, OR 97501



Owners/Managers: Harry Williams 1910-1914

Programming notes: The Isis theater showed a variety of entertainments, including vaudeville, musical numbers, comedy skits and moving pictures. Like other local establishments it also served as a meeting place for the people of Medford.

Programming notes:

Medford Mail Tribune, September 12, 1913
This advertisement also serves as a review and plot summary for the film, garnering interest for both the theater and its program.
Medford Mail Tribune, October 19, 1910
The article says that the Isis has the best films to offer, and “clean” vaudeville, advertising a family friendly space.

Sample news clips, advertisements:

Medford Mail Tribune, November 23, 1910.


Medford Mail Tribune, May 22, 1910. This advertisement was one of many about Marshall, who traveled throughout the western United States and baffled audiences with his ability to escape their local policeman’s handcuffs.


Medford Mail Tribune, July 3, 1910


Medford Mail Tribune, May 27, 1910. When people wanted to meet for events they would choose the local theater and put an ad in the newspaper.


Medford mail tribune., November 23, 1910, Page 5, Image 5

Medford mail tribune., May 22, 1910, SECOND SECTION, Image 12

Medford mail tribune., May 22, 1910, FIRST SECTION, Page 2, Image 2

Medford mail tribune., May 19, 1910, Page 5, Image 5

Medford Mail Tribune, May 22, 1910, Page 2

Medford mail tribune., May 27, 1910, Page 7, Image 7

Medford mail tribune., July 03, 1910, SECOND SECTION, Page 16, Image 16