Bijou (Eugene)

Bijou Theatre


489 Willamette St., Eugene, Oregon (pre-1913 address*)

489 Willamette St., 1902. In 1902 the space held a plumbing business and a barber. Digital Sanborn Maps

Owners/managers: Mayo Evans

*The street numbering system in Eugene changed in 1913. Thus, some of the theaters have addresses that do not conform to contemporary locations, or have two different addresses, although they stayed in the same physical location.

The Bijou ran ads and placed little news items in the Eugene Daily Guard to promote its “high-class vaudeville” and “Bijouoscope” moving pictures. Admission was 10¢, twice as much as a typical nickelodeon theater during this time. There were “gold watch giveaways” to help draw in audiences. Nonetheless, the Bijou had to close in early 1905 because manager Mayo Evans couldn’t cover his operating expenses due to insufficient audience numbers. In 1906, prices went as high as 25¢, 35¢, and 50¢ for theatrical performances.

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