Bell (Eugene)

Bell Theatre


455 Willamette St., Eugene, Oregon (pre-1913 address*)


In 1912, the space housed a tailor shop. 455 Willamette St., Eugene, 1912. Digital Sanborn Maps.

Dimensions: 32′ wide, 72′ long

Owners/Managers: T.C. (Thomas) Swinney

*The street numbering system in Eugene changed in 1913. Thus, some of the theaters have addresses that do not conform to contemporary locations, or have two different addresses, although they stayed in the same physical location.

The Bell ran regular ads in the Eugene Daily Guard to promote its programming. Along with short films, the Bell hosted vaudeville with a live orchestra, and novelty acts, such as “Consul Jr. the Educated Chimpanzee.” The Bell showed a popular boxing film in April 1910, the Nelson-Wolgast fight, a one-hour show that ran continuously throughout the afternoon and evening. Admission was still the usual 10¢ for this special attraction (reduced from 25¢). T.C. Swinney even splurged on a full-page ad in the newspaper for the show.

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