Aloha (Eugene)

Aloha Theatre


561 Willamette St., Eugene, Oregon (pre-1913 address*)

561 Willamette St., 1912. Digital Sanborn Maps


Owners/managers: Ray M. Walker, J.J. (Joseph) Bryan, E.L. Campbell

*The street numbering system in Eugene changed in 1913. Thus, some of the theaters have addresses that do not conform to contemporary locations, or have two different addresses, although they stayed in the same physical location.

The Aloha Theatre manager Ray M. Walker advertised the Aloha as “The Home of Great Vaudeville,” but movies were a regular part of the programming. For example, one week featured two separate contortionists, a musical novelty act, a “comedy playlett,” and 2,000 feet of “classy pictures,” along with a live orchestra. The Aloha also featured the filmed prize fights that were very popular at the time, such as the famous match between Jack Johnson and Stanley Ketchel in 1909.

General admission to the Aloha ranged from 10-20¢ for adults and 5-10¢ for children, with reduced prices for matinee shows. The Aloha ran regular ads in the Eugene Daily Guard, and offered a special admission coupon for reduced-price admission in 1909.

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