Palace (Corvallis)

 Palace Theater


North 2nd Street Lot 117, Corvallis, Oregon


        The Palace Theater, North 2nd Street, Corvallis, Oregon. Digital Sanborn Maps, April 1912

Adult tickets were 25 cents while Children’s tickets were 15 cents as displayed through their showtimes below.

The Daily Gazette-Times (Corvallis), 13 December 1909

Owners/Managers: George and Samuel Whiteside Brothers

Programming notes

City of Corvallis Website

Promotional notes/Strategies:

The Palace Theater profited from free advertising from other businesses simply naming the theater in their own advertisements.

The Daily gazette-Times (Corvallis), 9 August 1909

Corvallis Gazette-Times, 2 September 1909


The Daily Gazette-Times, August 9, 1909


Corvallis Gazette- Times, 2 September 1909

Sanborn maps, April 1912

The Daily Gazette-Times. Palace Theater. 9 August 1909.

The Daily Gazette- Times. Palace Theater. 13 December 1909