Rameseum (Albany)

Rameseum Theatre


Owner/Manager: George E. Rolfe

219 W. 1st St. Albany Oregon


Promotional strategies notes

  • A competition to change the name of the theater from the Rolfe Theatre post-1920.
  • September 02, 1920: “As the opening attraction tomorrow only, the management presents Madge Kennedy in ‘Strictly Confidential’, a picture full of comedy.”
Advertisement to change the name of the Rolfe Theatre to match its “Egyptian styling of architecture”
Examples of Programming
  • The Rameseum Theatre featured very popular “moving pictures” including pictures featuring starts like Mary Pickford.
  • 1929: Adult tickets are $.50 ($7.24 in 2018) and kids are $.25 ($3.62 in 2018).
  • The Rameseum Theatre shows a multitude of genres from Western, to slapstick, to romance.


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