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  1. Great story without words_Summer Hatfield

    October 24, 2013 by

    My inspiration this week comes from a commercial for Captain Morgan. What I love about this commercial is that it tells such a great story in only a minute, and no one ever says a word. Well, except the guy at the end who gives the Captain Morgan tag line. Not only does the Captain save the servant girls life, but he also turns it into a crazy fun time for all these stuffy people, and we are witness to all of it just through the narrative. The first scene sets it all up, and then the eye contact really tells us everything. I think it teaches us that if you can catch little things like that on camera, the eye contact and movement, the little gestures, then it can really add a lot to your video, whether its a fictional scene or a documentary.  It also has some nice sequences, great lighting, and a cool shot where one of the glasses hits the camera. The casting, costumes, make-up, and set design also really work in this piece.

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