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  1. Eckerson Week 1: Documentary on North Portland, 1967

    January 8, 2014 by

    This week we began thinking about our personal projects, and I intend to continue working on the piece that started with idea to develop a section of North Portland into a Trader Joes. While I don’t know if I will stick with the sole focus of other local businesses who are affected, or expand it to a discussion of North Portland gentrification more generally, I know I will be working around the issue. As part of my research, I came across a film made in 1967 about the Albina neighborhood. It won a regional Emmy in 1967, and I share it in terms of the style of documentary it was. You’ll notice from the beginning to at least minute three, that it has a very strong style of narration that seeks to lay out “the facts.” I think this is a distinct style of filmmaking, and I appreciate it as an example of the times.  The narration starts by defining ghetto, and then seeking to explain how they are created.  I think the attempt at answering the question is a noble one, and a good example of narrative filmmaking. In the piece I will make, I don’t intend on using this style, but can imagine some remix elements that may incorporate it.


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