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  1. Multimedia Reel

    January 9, 2014 by

    My video selection this week is a multimedia reel done by Andrew Hilda, a fellow multimedia journalist in the field. This is a pretty good example of a basic digital resume each of us could potentially produce to share with future employers by the time we are done with the program. In the piece, Hilda features clips from his “micro-documentaries” as well as footage from work he has produced from local media outlets.

    Concerning the formatting, you’ll notice that the music is the same the entire way through, helping to weave the pieces together concisely. The font is also simple but well done, big enough to clearly read even if you’re viewing the piece on a small screen. The length is almost five minutes, which seems okay considering he is also including audio in each of the video clips from the stories in order to engage you in the videos in a way a teaser trailer might do. Maybe closer to three minutes would be better, but what do you think?

    2012 Reel from Andrew Hida on Vimeo.

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