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  1. Ye Good Ole’ Exploding Whale

    November 6, 2013 by

    This is a classic piece of Oregon journalism that a few years ago found virality well beyond the borders of our state. Despite it now being being 43 years old, the drawing power of its storytelling is still quite powerful. Some of the camera work is a little shaky, but I think the cuts are all pieced together quite well. The one distance shot showing the blubber raining down is one of my favorites – really classic stuff. I wonder if that one car owner’s insurance covered this disaster – “Yes hello. I went to watch the whale explosion today and a giant piece of blubber crushed my Ford. You guys will take care of that, right?”

    Anyway, I think it’s quite a dynamic piece, and proof that a solid story pieced together well can survive for years despite the graininess of its production. Its inspiring to think that 40 years from now, when movies are telepathically beamed directly into our brains, there will still be motivation to view films created in an antiquated form of medium.

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