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  1. Sometimes You Have to be Irrational

    November 5, 2013 by

    The Beauty of the Irrational from The African Attachment on Vimeo.


    Ok first off let me say this this guy is crazy, he ran what should be a five day trail in just over six HOURS!  To me that is out of this world.

    Most of this video is shot from what I assume is a helicopter that was following Ryan Sandes around as he made his run though the canyon.  What I loved about these shots is the wide angle view of the ground  which really sets the scene for where Sandes is running around in.  What I also loved is that despite the running and constantly moving nature of the subject, the camera stays perfectly still though out the video.   A way to show his inner calm the whole time while running perhaps?

    But what I like the most about this overall is the message that it sends.  That although we may think that sometimes we have to choose the safest option that may be available to us, sometimes we have to go what might make the least amount of sense.  How will we know what we can really do unless we make an irrational decision and do something bold.

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