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  1. Great sound and lighting_Summer Hatfield

    November 6, 2013 by

    FLIGHT. from a TWiN thing. on Vimeo.

    My inspiration this week is a video that is a good example of lighting and sound design. The opening scene is really well lit, without losing the sense that it is night. It has an almost mystical feel to it, which helps set the tone for the rest of the video. Throughout this video the filmmakers manage to maintain this consistently great lighting. What works well about the lighting is that because it has an almost muted, grey-ish tone to all of it, the glowing green of the shoes really stands out.

    The first sound we clearly hear is that of a radio. We hear it first, then a few seconds later we see the inside of the car where it is coming from. This is a good way to transition from one scene to the next. The sound effects throughout the whole video are great and effective at conveying flight. Starting at 1:20 we hear what is recognizable as an engine starting up while it shows a close-up of the shoes. They did an excellent job also of changing the volume of the sound to match the distance of the character.

    Overall the video really works to convey an idea of flight, which is defined in the caption as 1. the movement or trajectory of a projectile or object through the air 2. the action of fleeing or attempting to escape 3. an extravagant or far-fetched idea.

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