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  1. Show Soundtracks – The next big thing?

    January 28, 2014 by

    I’m sure at this point most of us have seen or heard of GIRLS on HBO. Since the individuals involved in a large portion of the writing and production of the show are of the Millennial generation, it seems to me that they are taking on some interesting experiments with what it means to have a show and what it takes to achieve a sort of “cult following” in the 21st century.

    First of all, GIRLS is on Twitter. I have been following them since day one and they’re one of the shows that’s all about live-tweeting during the episode, tossing out random quotes from characters, re-tweeting follower shout-outs, etc. American Horror Story does this too, among many others, and I think it’s an interesting idea as a multimedia component to producing because you are essentially having a live discussion with the Internet while getting immediate feedback about your work. Now I have noticed they’re on to something else: a show soundtrack.

    If you click here, you’ll notice via iTunes that Girls has what seems to be its second soundtrack for its show, featuring songs from the episodes. (The show has 3 seasons, but I’m guessing they came up with the idea for this in season 2.) The third season debuted at the beginning of this month, and as the season progresses it seems as though after you’ve purchased the album you “unlock” songs in the soundtrack for downloading as the show goes along. I was really skeptical at first but after looking through the song list, I realized that even though I have the new Vampire Weekend album (and all their albums), I don’t have the song from this album, meaning they are partnering with artists to get special tracks either before they’re released by the artist or composed specifically for the show, which is kind of cool. I have only unlocked the Jenny Lewis song so far, but it’s totally rad.

    Just wanted to showcase this interesting multimedia component to get us thinking about creative ways to showcase our work as well as garner involvement from fellow artists. What do you think? And in case you’re not familiar with the show, there’s a preview below.

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