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  1. At Berkeley

    December 5, 2013 by

    The chance to see a new Frederick Wiseman documentary is coming soon, so I wanted to post the trailer for the film. At 83, he is one of the masters of direct cinema who is still alive and producing new work. This is around the 80th film he has made as well so they guy has been busy. He is also probably one of the only filmmakers that can get 4 hour long documentary films released.

    The trailer appears fairly straightforward: What makes Berkeley an important and lasting institution and how can they continue it as public funds are divested from public institutions? Fredrick Wiseman being the filmmaker that he is will have captured many everyday situations that will reveal the answers to these questions. I look forward to seeing if they are less straightforward. It’s a film about an institution, and so far we only hear from the loftier figures. These people appear or come across as presidents and administrators. An institution is made up of many levels though. What will the interactions between students and between teachers reveal about the organization and how will their perspectives and interactions compliment or complicate the vision of the administrators?

    Wiseman has always said that he makes films about institutions. Its the interactions between people at different levels of a hierarchical organization that drive the drama in his films.

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