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A Tear-jerker_SummerHatfield

February 18, 2014 by   

The Conditioned from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

This video made me cry. Not only is it beautifully shot, but the story is just amazing as well. These are the kinds of stories that I think a lot of people always hope to find. One that is gripping, and that has a happy ending, and one that you feel good about making. By taking the time to talk to this person and get his story, the filmmaker actually changed his life.

There is a lot of great sequencing in this video as well as some interesting angles and camera movements. And the lighting on the subjects was really well done. But the thing I really love about this video from a technical standpoint is the way the translation was done. The handwriting that stands as if it is part of the landscape, then fades out as we move past it was really striking to me.


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    Those facebook stories are so well put together! I dare anyone not to get emotional.

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    I loved this one too! There are some amazing close-up detail shots of all his little papers and him writing that are so beautiful and romantic. The fact that we get to go on a journey with this inspiring person and see that they are loved and cared for in the end makes it such a heartwarming, worthwhile watch.

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