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Cinematography at it’s Finest

February 17, 2014 by   

I personally consider Top Gear to be the greatest cinematography that you will find on television today.  This is a combination of both fantastic camera work on the front end by the Top Gear camera men, but also on the back end with their editors.  What the cinematography does is take Jeremy Clarkson’s humorous car review and makes it something truly breathtaking.

The shots of the car in motion from the angles they shoot from is something of beauty, and of course those are shot at much slower speeds when driving.  The shots that are really remarkable are the cars at high speeds.  With the high speed cameras stationed around their test track they are able to get these fantastic images of the car, in this case a Lamborghini, performing power slides throughout the the track.  But I also love their use of high speed shots to catch the wheels spinning, and if it happens to be wet on the track it’ll be kicking up water and look even more fantastic.

One other thing I want to point out here is the active narration by Clarkson.  He is driving this nearly million pound car around the track at speeds over 100 mph and he is performing a car review as well.  One that is as I noted above is humorous, but is also pretty darn informative.  If your in the market for a super car there are no better reviews that Top Gear.

As a parting I’ll leave you with a gif from the last years series of a Ferrari review and what was quite possibly the best shot in the film.



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