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February 15, 2014 by   

After seeing this kid’s video, I basically feel like a pre-schooler in the world of digital editing. On the other hand, it is really inspiring. He does all his work on Final Cut, so technically I suppose we have the capabilities to create these kind of videos. It’s also no surprise that his YouTube handle is Final Cut King – if you’re looking for more of his stuff there’s tons out there. Which leads to the other inspiring aspect of King’s work. In the behind the scenes video I posted below, he states that he tries to put up one Vine 6 second video a day, which he claims he can bust out in under an hour. This prolific nature of his work has led him to having over half a million followers on Vine and YouTube. So as we’ve heard before, we should all just be putting as much stuff out there as possible. Even if not all of it is your most quality work, you gain an audience by building a reputation of regularity. This is something I’ve found on my music blog. I try to post an entry every weekday, and it has created not only a regular daily following, but it has also created a backlog of material that is constantly drawing in new readers. I’m currently averaging around 6,000 unique viewers a month.

So if you get a good idea, run with it, and keep running with it, and the quality of your material will only increase after time.


  1. Brian says:

    Wow, 6,000 hits a week? That’s amazing. I admire your consistency, and am happy for you that it pays off. I have trouble being that consistent at anything, and I can see the results in my own life (or lack of results, I should say).

  2. says:

    I think Vine is a clever medium for this guy to be putting his stuff out there in because you’re limited by 8 seconds and in a world with an attention span as small as ours, it seems like a great way to have a consistent following. Congrats on the blog!

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