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Slow Motion Shots

February 10, 2014 by   

After seeing how cool the FS-700 is concerning the slow motion options, this music video demonstrates some scenes in which slow motion is appropriately used for creative effect. There are a variety of shots in which paper cranes are flying, whether off a ledge, in the little boy’s hand or in the wind, and I imagine they were all different speeds when they were shot. This music video showcases how in post, we can slow down the rhythm of all the shots to match what we’re making.

I also worry about location a lot, whether the logistics of permission or of something not being “beautiful” enough of a location to shoot, but this video also shows how artistically interesting an abandoned building filled with piles of forgotten waste can actually be. There are so many close-up detail shots that bring you in to the intimacy of exploring the space, and the lighting is very well done. All in all I think this piece shows that when done right, slow motion can really be a magical effect.

Hammock – Breathturn from David Altobelli on Vimeo.


  1. says:

    AHH I love this music video! I’ve seen it before but didn’t realize the amount of slow motion shots that are used. This is a great example of incorporating those shots artistically into a story without jarring the audience too much.

  2. Makare says:

    Not related to slow motion cinematography, but kind of linked to Katelyn’s comment: If you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend picking up Palm Pictures Music Video Directors series. Fantastic resource for folks interested in music video production, or just high quality production in general. Each DVD follows the works of a master music video director, and they are jammed with awesome behind the scenes bits of some pretty iconic videos.

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