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Pond Hockey: Sports Shooting

February 2, 2014 by   

Legends of the Isles from Tony Franklin on Vimeo.

When you usually think of sports photography and production you think of it in the grandious stature that you see most professional games in.  The Collosiums to sport often times the game taken so far away from it’s roots that it sometimes that it truly does feel like the corporations and sponsors really control the game.

That is what makes pod hockey so special, it is the game of hockey at it’s root, just a bunch of guys strapping on skates and going out to play a game that they love.  That is what the Legends of the Isles captures, the feeling of just playing the game that you love.

What is great about this video though from a technical aspect is that it shows that you can get great sports footage without a 50+ person crew.  My guess would be that at the most this was a two or three camera team, but yet they still get fantastic shots and angles of the guys on and off the ice.  From the puck hitting the netting of the goal to the ratty and torn up skates the other guys was wearing.  These are great extreme close up shots that really give the detail of the piece.  I also liked at the beginning and near the end of the film the use of old time looking footage, to show that this has been something that they have been doing for years on end.

One other thing I loved about this is how rarely are any of the guys identified as to who they are, much like their interactions with each other their real lives are unknown to us, as are their real names, just their nicknames like Plaid and John the Baptist.

Finally hiding the big payoff of the story of memorializing their lost friend, bringing the whole story of comradeary and brotherhood back around full circle.


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