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Week 3_Summer Hatfield

January 21, 2014 by   

Notes on Blindness from The New York Times – Video on Vimeo.

Some of you may remember the audio pitch I made last term about having my friend who is blind record a day in his life. Well, this is another take on a similar concept, but in this case there is a video dramatization to go along with the real life recordings of John Hull, who became completely blind in the middle of his life. This is a really interesting idea to me, to take real audio recordings and try to make a video to match them.

The way this video is made, it feels very surreal, very dreamy. It feels like I am watching someone’s memories unfold, somewhat hazy and choppy, moving from one scene to the next the way sporadic thoughts sometimes come and go.

I am curious if some of the sounds, such as the sound of the ocean, were really in the recording, or if they were added just for the video. Either way, it makes for some good transitions and intriguing background noise.


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    Wow, I do love that they craft the images to be just that – dreamy. I have no idea how they are making the water move in the old still photographs when the subject remains still, but I love the effect – same with the still picture of the wife with the snow falling. It’s like the filmmaker is taking the images and materials from someone’s life and putting them through all these filters and effects to create and experience of what it might be like to walk through someone’s life memories. Very creative and captivating.

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    I think your question about the sounds is a good one because the piece relies so much on the change in the sound, so they knew that the sounds would need to be perfect. My guess is that the sound isn’t synched for the most part. I looked at some production stills from the kitchen scene and I can’t imagine they were able to get that quality from space they were shooting. I bet the just went out to locations with great rain sounds and recorded them separately. Here are some stills from the kitchen if you are interested in checking them out:

    I find it kinda revelatory to hear the effects of rain for someone without sight, that the rain gives a space shape and dimension because of the way it falls on whatever is in the space. I never thought that all of the sudden you would know where something is because of the rain, but it feels so obvious.

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