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The Little Touches

January 13, 2014 by   

I was first drawn to this video because I’m totally hooked on this song. Frankly, the actual shots themselves and their subsequent sequencing aren’t all that impressive to me. I would have liked some more solid pans, and less of the Motely Crue-type zoom ins. There are two huge things I love about this video though – the primary thing being the use of the added blue backdrop. It’s a minuscule touch, but it really frames the whole piece. It makes me realize that the perfect shot isn’t always just laid out in front of you; sometimes you have to slightly manipulate your environment so that it serves as a better foundation for your vision. By eliminating the house in the background, this little blue wall actually creates a sense of more openness.

The second thing I dig about this video is the use of the sepia-tone in the filming. These Haim sisters have an old-school feel to their music, and by having that slight filter on the video it really adds an ideal touch to unite the images to the music. Is that an actual setting on the cameras or was that done in post-production?

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    I love Haim! I think the background worked really well here too. I would argue that it even helped to create a distinctive feel for this live performance. Also, in an attempt to answer your question, I think that the sepia tone was done in post. Some video cameras may have a setting to allow you to shoot in this distinct tonal range, but for the most part, it is done through color grading in post-production.

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