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Creative Camera Angles

December 13, 2013 by

I saw this commercial month ago for the first time, but it stuck with me enough that I want back and searched for it for this class. It was made by a local advertising firm Wieden and Kennedy, and is promoting Lurpak, which apparently is some sort of butter imitation.

The key in this piece is the detail. Who thought peas in a pot could be interesting? Not me. But the opening shot with the slow motion pea falling and water splashing is fantastic. The whole piece is extremely well paced, utilizing timing to the fullest with productive application of time lapses, slow motion and cutting on the beat of the soundtrack.

The other key is angles. Looking up from the water pot through Brussels sprouts at someone removing the lid, being connected to knife as it cuts onions, sliding down the potato following the peel, this all make the cooking process come alive. The creative shots make you feel like you’re in the food. There is a lot to learn here in terms of imaginative camera angles and how to make seemingly mundane daily duties jump of the screen!


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