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November 27, 2013 by   

A handful of Myanmar from Berta upe TilmantaitÄ— on Vimeo.

This video has a lot of really beautiful shots, and I particularly like the overhead shots and the shots were the filmmaker used a boat as a dolly to follow the action. It has some great close-ups as well, and really chooses some good detail that tells us a bit about the characters. This video does not have a narrative arc and doesn’t seek to tell a story, but it still tells us a great deal about the culture of Myanmar. It feels like I am flipping through an album, but with videos instead of photos. The pacing of the video, with each shot being shown for about the same amount of time, makes it feel even more like an album. One thing I am curious about is that it seems like a lot of the shots are really well lit, and I wonder how the filmmakers achieved that as they were moving about so much.


  1. says:

    The power in this film feels like it is due to the celebratory nature that it brings to images of Myanmar. I honestly don’t know how much of everyday life in Myanmar has been depicted in the mainstream media, or in media in general, but this feels like a movement toward opening up the country to both the residents and to foreigners, hopefully to good effect.

  2. Omar says:

    I loved how he used the quick zoom ins in the 1st shots like in the water and the top shot of the kid, it kinda looked like an intentional jump cuts. i thought it looked really cool and it did work very well with the music.

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