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Bob Dylan Creates the Perfect Video For a 48 Year-Old Song

November 20, 2013 by   

So unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an embed code associated with this piece, presumably since it’s using some different technology then just straight video streaming. Thus, check out the brand new video for “Like A Rolling Stone”  here and get prepared to lose more than a few minutes of your day.  This is not only a collection of wonderfully staged and set pieces, it’s also an amazing example of the use of both interactive media and multimedia. With 16 different channels or “angles” to choose from, there’s essentially an unlimited amount of possible ways to watch this piece. There’s plenty of different things to marvel at with this work, but my first stage of wonder comes with the perfect synchronization of the sound. The seamless interconnections of each channel create a surreal experience that gives off a real Truman Show type of sensation to the viewer.

The use of familiar visuals like The Price is Right, Pawn Stars, Mark Maron and so on creates a degree of familiarity with the audience that initially draws them into the piece. I find this very inspiring in the way that it emphasizes the idea of doing something unexpected with something that is familiar to the viewer – just because something has been seen before doesn’t mean that you can’t show it in a whole new way. Obviously though, the real power of this video lies in granting the power of control to the audience. I think it’s not only brilliant and beautiful, but also a potential glimpse into the future of how entertainment will be presented. The Red Hot Chili Peppers made a similar video in 2012 that you can check out here.


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