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Advertisers should just quit after seeing this badass commercial!

November 20, 2013 by   

The latest Volvo commercial is going viral with almost 35 M hits in less than a week. This 1:17 min video shows great action. I was always told by my production professors that if i wanted to do a rack focus or zoom out shot i better show something not seen and introduce something cool to the scene. it’s also kind of like what Wes told us in class don’t show all things at once. This is a perfect example of that. According to the makers of this commercial the 53-year-old Jean-Claude Van Damme did this dangerous action for real and in only one take. They had the usual safety precautions but still it’s a badass moment. Enjoy the action!


  1. says:

    Wow, that gives me chills just watching it. It was a good tactic to show a close up of his face as he mentally prepares, then to zoom out to show us what he is actually doing. Nice.

  2. says:

    Van Damme is such a badass. I thought this was awesome with the pan and the music was awesome. But was I the only one wondering why it was going in reverse?

  3. Adam says:

    Brett – I presume it’s going in reverse to show that the steering on those trucks is amazing even backwards. The thing that impresses me the most about this ad is the overall thematic tone throughout. This would have been amazing in any setting, but the sunset in the background expands its epic-ness. I also presume that once they had the filming all done, one of the producers looked a the other and said: “So, we’re using Enya as the soundtrack right?” If you’re gonna go big, go big all the way.

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