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Shadows and Lighting

November 19, 2013 by   

This video is almost two different videos in one. On the one hand, we have the minimally lit band set up that is mainly comprised of medium and close-up shots of individual instruments or band members. Then we have the story, where we are constantly transported back to following our subjects in a more colorful set of scenes where it seems as though the cinematographer is possibly using a filter. The story scenes also feature jump cuts in a way that really works well with the pace of the music, and a few POV shots that are awesome, including one where the camera is covered by dirt and we transition back to the dimly lit band set. The band shots feature a much smoother pace allowing us to see the instruments clearly while masking many of the band members faces mostly in shadow, setting a tone for the darker story at hand.

The casting choices are particularly great, considering the cast features hot up and coming Portland indie actress Summer Hatfield! There are some interesting theories as to what kind of message the band is portraying with the story, so if you’re planning to comment, I’d be interested to hear what you think.

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    Up and coming indie actess! Hilarious! I prefer staying behind the camera and will probably stick to that from now on. My good friend Ryan Renteria made this video, he is very talented. It was a fun experience to be on the other side of things and see how someone else does it. Ryan was definitely very conscious of lighting and spent a lot of time thinking about how each shot would look. He also used a homemade crane for some of the shots, which seeing the footage now was very effective for camera movement. Another thing I think he’s good at is cutting on the beat. He does this a lot throughout this video. Thanks Lauren!

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