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Interview: Real Actors Reading Yelp (ACE 6)

November 11, 2013 by   

In honor of our interviews this week, here’s an entertaining video that has some real world interview skills incorporated.  I chose it because it’s a succinct way to watch an interview, not fall asleep, and get some useful tips.

1) The pieces is framed well, with a combination of full body and close up head shots. The editing weaves between the two based on the timing of the narrative, which enhances the effect of what the interviewee is saying

2) They used a shallow lens so that many times, just the interviewers face is fully in focus, with his body and background softly faded. This puts an emphasis on the emotions and the story that is being told.

3) While they use jump cuts, it adds a certain feeling to the piece which is in line with what the actor is saying. I enjoyed this effect, as I felt like it made the interview more dynamic. Thoughts?


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