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Inspiration close to home

November 6, 2013 by   

So, last week I found out that one of my derby teammates quit her law career and started a video project about how roller derby affects the lives and communities of women around the world. Here’s a fun promo about it.

I think what’s inspiring to me about the project is the chutzpah it took to get it going: Juvie has zero film training and a tiny budget, so she’s having to be pretty aggressive about finding help. But even so, she’s made it to Mexico for interviews already, and this winter she’s headed to South Africa. Basically I’m feeling super grateful for the skills we’re gaining from our multimedia training, and I think her story is a good reminder to invest our efforts in the things that “make us come alive.” Cheese of the week–you’re welcome!

I also think she was smart in releasing the below interview before any others…Scald Eagle’s one of the sport’s few demi-celebrities, so it makes sense that this personality piece has attracted more international viewings (most from within the derby community, undoubtedly) than any of Juvie’s more generally-focused videos. A good reminder to heed Helen’s wisdom and aim for a specific audience, not a broad one.

Scald Eagle short from Eleusis Films on Vimeo.

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    I enjoyed this piece a lot. She did a great job of giving the space for the viewer to bond with the idiosyncrasies of the character.Also, its was fun to get a glimpse into your Roller Derby world!

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