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Foodie Kingdom Inspiration

November 6, 2013 by   


Here is some inspiration for our Foodie Kingdom assignment – restaurant line group I’m looking at you.

This piece is a great example of how humor can completely wipe out the pushy aspect of an opinion piece. I love the hand written signs and notes, the sounds effects (i.e. Buzzer) and the upbeat music. Also, the stop motion and utilization of soda containers and sugar is fantastic.

I was intrigued by this piece because while I completely enjoy the approach and humor, I’m simultaneously aware that I don’t think I would really like to hang out with this guy. I imagine I would find him rather annoying in person but in film form, he’s great.  This realization was freeing, as I feel a bit overly concerned with being likable in the film process. Yes, being respectful is important but sometime it’s asking the seemingly stupid and repetitive question that results in the key quote. Thus, here’s to being a bit ridiculous in the name of capturing great stories!


  1. says:

    I am right there with you. The humor was well done to blunt the opinion of the piece to make it much more likely to be taken in, rather than outright dismissed. But what I liked the most was the stop motion, it made the cuts though out the video feel much more natural and really helped the pacing of the video.

  2. Omar says:

    Thanks for sharing! i like how he simplified or broke down this political issue and the proposed bill. The whole production was simple and easily done, but the idea was new and his sense of humor made it enjoyable to watch.

  3. says:

    This is great! My favorite shot is the very last one where the man drops and spills that entire bucket-sized soda. I agree with Brett, the stop motion of the soda can explanation was a very good idea. The reason that this piece is effective is because it simplifies the jargon of a proposed bill into simple and understandable terms.

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