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Tifo: Inside the Timbers Army

November 5, 2013 by   

This week for my inspiration I go to my roots as a sports reporter.  It is a story about what goes into the creation of the massive and spectacular tifos created for Portland Timbers games by the supporters group the Timbers Army.  What I loved about this video is that it is a spectuliar use of so many different techniques that we have been learning about.  The framing of the cameras, the outdoor shots, the use of timelapse to show passage of time during the creation of the tifo.  During the sit down interviews the used such interesting dramatic two camera shots, one from the extreme side and one from straight on. The use of natural sound and the sounds of the game as well were fantasticlly used as well, giving the sense of the game being played during the whole video.

What was also fantastic was that all of the transitions felt natural and unforced.  You could feel yourself flowing along with the video as it went on feeling yourself sucked in wondering how they get these things done.  The story telling within is layered as well putting the story of the creation of the tifo as the main story with the games between the Timbers and Sounders in the background as a secondary story.

This is the type of thing that I hope to create myself someday.

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  1. Omar says:

    Thanks for Sharing Brett! This a great example of the usage of cranes and dollies. They used good slow motion too. There are just so many great shorts. I LOVED the one interview shot from a low cam angle and the timbers giant sign is in the background.The only thing that i guess didn’t get is the Timbers owner looking straight at the camera while he should be looking at the interview just like everybody else in the film did.

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