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Let’s Hang

November 5, 2013 by   

This music video has been floating around the internet primarily due to the fact that the featured instrument, the hang, is a fairly recent musical creation. Invented in the year 2000 in Switzerland, this video piece showcases not only the sound, but a very clear example of a close-up, medium, and long-shot.

I noticed a rack focus shot, which was interesting considering the hand movements involved with playing the instrument. I don’t necessarily like the fact that they placed the subject perfectly in the center of the frame, but it does showcase people walking through on each side in what appears to be a lit public walkway. I think the close up shots are creative, and I enjoy that the background is more of an artistic blur. It’s a simplistic yet enjoyable video, featuring an awesome instrument.



  1. says:

    Oddly enough, I kind of like that he is in the middle of the frame. For some reason it works for me. I like that the hallway acts as a sort of “point to infinity” and he is directly in the center of it. The way the floor lights up and the striped lights going down the hallway were a beautiful and choice place to shoot this video.

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    I actually stumbled upon someone playing this instrument when I was in Berlin a few years ago! I was wandering around this abandoned CIA Spy station from the cold war. People just hang out there and throw parties now. Probably one of my favorite spots in Berlin. Go there if you have chance. Here is a little video from the space with a guy playing that instrument:

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    That is so cool! I wonder if the tunnel shapes in both of these pieces make for interesting acoustics for the instrument, which would explain their location choices.

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