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The POV of a Falcon

October 31, 2013 by   

In the Arabian Peninsula one of the hobbies is to go “Falconry” or hunting birds by using a falcon. In this video you will see that through the eyes of the falcon. This was done by a small camera placed under the eye cover or protector that is usually put on the falcon, then they take off the protector but keep the camera that was under it. This way the falcon wouldn’t notice and would think nothing is on his head anymore and starts flying freely. This technique gives authentic look through the falcon’s eyes. The POV is amazing and it is SO FAST and exciting!! Enjoy!

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  1. says:

    I really got the sense that no matter how big a place sky is and no matter what capability flying gives you that there is no escaping a bird of prey. It was really frightening.

    I also love how digital cameras aren’t able to keep up with fast movement of bird’s wings or the blades on a plane. The stuttering that occurs is one of my favorite effects of digital video.

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