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Good camera movement_Summer Hatfield

October 31, 2013 by   

STUKENBORG from Order & Other on Vimeo.

My inspiration this week has some good examples of camera movement. You can tell that the filmmakers were definitely using tracks and dollies. One of my favorite instances of movement happens at 1:22 when the camera moves around the end of the press as it is moving to make a print. The movement in this video helps keeps shots from being static. They also didn’t over use camera movement, and did a nice job of sequencing the shots together with close ups. This video also really illustrates the idea of not just showing us the donut, but showing the donut hole. They get in close and show details, which is important for their subject since it has a lot of small details and mechanical parts. Another thing this video is a good example of is lighting. Everything has this sort of misty look to it, which I think heightens the point of the video because they are talking about something that has been called a dying art, and trying to show how people are sort of keeping it alive in an underground way.

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    REALLY cool lighting! Even when he is being interviewed or working in the shop, the way in which the light falls on his face and the objects in the room is really cool.

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