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Tim and Eric – Ooh Mama

October 30, 2013 by   

If you guys aren’t familiar with Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, it’s basically some of the most absurd, psychedelic sketch comedy of all time. They’re kind of like licorice – you either love em’ or you hate em’, there’s no grey space in between. I for one, am a massively geeky fan of the show, and there’s a number of different skits that I could post and try to convince you are all completely genius. “Ooh Mama” is one of my favorites.

First off – no, you’re not missing anything. There’s no precursor to this skit, and there’s nothing that comes after. This is the entire bit. In a way, you’re meant to craft you’re own significance and story line to it. It’s sort of like Shepard Fairey’s “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” stickers – the meaning behind it is trying to attribute some meaning to it. Anyway, what I feel makes Tim and Eric so fantastic is their incredible editing skills. As is the game-plan for most of their productions, they shoot completely insignificant scenes, and then create a story out of them through editing and post-production. In “Ooh Mama,” they use a repeating audio sequence to craft a song. Sure it’s a somewhat demented song, but it still is crafted simply from the process of editing. This clip is massively inspiring to me, but it may be complete nonsense to you.

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    As a fan of Tim and Eric I think they very often challenge themselves with sketches such as this. They’re constantly pushing the envelope, and they actually serve as a great example of a creative team in that (if I’m correct) while they both do writing, I think Tim is more film based while Eric is more music-oriented. Always makes for an interesting combination.

    Great job!

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