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1970’s Street Life

October 22, 2013 by   

The 8mm Films of Vivian Maier on

I was captivated by the honesty and simplicity of this film. It is shot on 8mm film, taken in the 1970’s by Vivian Maier, capturing daily details of urban street life. The pacing is very slow, with long, mostly unedited, shots. The viewer is allowed to enjoy the observations and is not quickly pulled from one shot to another but rather is given space to relax. The beauty is in the mundane. Sometime simpler is better!


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    I love this video! That close up of that’s guys sock, I love little details like that. I agree, it is nice that its so simple.

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    I agree with you! What I appreciate most about this is the editing, or possibly the uneditedness of it. I feel like I am drawn to editing that allows you to linger longer. Watching the two guys walking together was such a sweet moment that was made so because of how long we got to sit with it. I feel so conflicted by knowing how long to let a shot play. On the one hand I wanna linger, but I then I think about my audience who may not be as attached as I am to the moment. They would like to just continue on with the story, which is probably how it should be. Storytelling is supposed to be like a shark and just keep moving. I guess I will just have to appreciate long takes and lingering shots on my own as I review the footage.

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    Thanks for sharing this awesome video! and awesome site that i haven’t surfed before. This film looks like the European style of filming where its mostly a wide shot and it stays very long. Usually i don’t like that style because it might get boring, but here it worked because i want to observe the everyday life in the 70s.

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