In the Moment

By: Maddy Henson

Cornbread Cafe, owned by Sheree Walters, is a fully vegan restaurant located in Eugene, Oregon. The retro inspired cafe opened in 2010 and has had huge success among vegans and non vegans alike. Walters’ dream of owning a restaurant evolved with her when she decided to go vegan 16 years ago.

Before it was a brick and mortar restaurant, Cornbread Cafe was a vegan food cart in Eugene, Oregon. However, due to the high demand the owner, Sheree Walters, started looking for a building only six months in to owning the food cart. The building Cornbread Cafe now resides in is a repurposed drive in that was around in 1951.
Sheree Walters has been the owner of both the food cart and current restaurant of Cornbread Café for eight years. In the beginning, Sheree filled in wherever work was needed from morning to close, but, now she spends the majority of her time running and growing the business from the small office located next to the bustling kitchen. Keep an eye out for a new location popping up in downtown Springfield in the near future!
Sheree described the food at Cornbread to be, “The fun food you go out for that you usually don’t cook at home.” Southern comfort food was Sheree’s inspiration when creating her dream restaurant and she achieved this through creating a completely vegan menu. Along with being vegan, 95% of the products used in house are organic.
Business has been booming since day one. When asked if she thought the success of her business would have been the same elsewhere Sheree said, “The timing and Eugene was perfect… It was needed.” The popularity of the food is undeniable and can be associated with the serving sizes!
While it is not required, the majority of employees are vegan. When going through the hiring process Sheree looks for people who are able to maintain the feeling of community while on the job. Sheree aims to have Cornbread be a safe place people can come and not worry about consuming the products that they try to avoid on a daily basis.