The Quantitative Methods Laboratory (a.k.a. Meth Lab) was founded by Elliot Berkman, Karyn Lewis, and Sanjay Srivastava. We will meet from time to time to discuss quantitative methods in psychology and related behavioral and social sciences. Meetings will serve 2 purposes:

  1. People can present on problems in design or analysis from their own research and get consultation and feedback from the group.
  2. We will discuss journal articles and current events related to quantitative methods (which may occasionally involve a little light reading).

Our first meeting will be Thursday, July 19 from 12-1 in 143 Straub. We will meet biweekly through the summer. Anybody is welcome to drop in any time. We will post our upcoming agenda and other items of interest on this blog.

NOTE: Anyone may present for consulting and feedback. But we hope to get a regular core of attendees who find this stuff interesting or want to keep up to date on quantitative methods. Toward that end, regular attendees will get priority in presenting or sponsoring their labmates to present.