Mujeres was established in 1995 to the purpose of empowerment of Chicanas within MEChA and those that belong to other women’s groups of color. Mujeres creates a safe space in which women of color are able to communicate with each other on issues that are pertaining to us. We work on Issues that affect us on campus and outside the campus community. We are an organization that helps retain Latinas on campus due to the fact that we create a family.

While we respect our Chicano/Latino culture and honor the nurturing of our families, we are both carriers and breakers of tradition. We recognize that as a community we still have many areas to explore, including the changing relationship between Latino/Chicano men and women. We are here united to address, create and inspire social change on all levels.

During the year, we host Comadre Nights, and participate in Take Back the Night, an annual rally, march and speak out aimed to raise awareness about sexual assualt while supporting survivors. Learn more about Take Back the Night by following TBTN’s page.

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  1. By the way we act with each other! We have to quit acting as though We have all these answers. Act in the Moment! A good book is “I am right, you are Wrong” Edward de Bono. According to History the Taino Women would just simple leave the belonging of men on there door step. By simple learning to control there emotions. Anger, Hatred, Frustration, Sadness, etc. Are all controllable emotions. What we have all comes from within, Are Greatest Feats in Life Have Yet To Be Achieved!. Google, Daniel Osuna Chicano and watch Women who you are!. Know the Power! I been Waiting for all of us to recognize it is inside all of us. A 7 year old child came up to me yesterday 7/25/13 and turned up my music pick a CD (by a Women) and Knew I was in Love with someone. Laughter is the Greatest Gift We All Have. It Take an Asymmetrical Path Way in Our Brain’s a completely different in the Brain. Water Logic…We Are Born of Water…What are you Lungs, Heart, Brain, etc. Why is it you can write on a Bottle of Water “Beautiful”
    all day you will transfer Beautiful to everyone you hug and meet.

    With All My Love & Admiration
    For The Positive Revolution!
    Daniel Osuna

  2. In Season

    People of Color are in Season
    Society Points at us, as if, We’re the Reason
    For a Failing Economy, Drug Abuse…No Don’t Fret
    We’re Not In Charge at the White House; We Don’t Own Jumbo Jets!

  3. This was my first time staying on the island and I thought the room was perfect. It was very clean with a view of the water. We were in walking distance to many restaurants/bars and the golf cart rental that we used. The beach was great and the bar service on the beach was accommodating.

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